Dana White Spots Francis Ngannou NFT Chain during Weigh-ins

Designing the Ultimate NFT Chain for Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou

As the worlds of fashion and technology continue to intersect, Ivy J Jewelers has established itself as a frontrunner in crafting mesmerizing NFT Jewelry. We were recently commissioned to create a custom NFT Chain for Heavyweight Champion of the World, Francis Ngannou, to wear during the UFC 270 Final Weigh-ins against Ciryl Gane. In this blog post, we will delve into the collaboration between Ivy J Jewelers and the UFC, and showcase how our innovative NFT Chain is revolutionizing the way we display and appreciate NFTs.

The NFT Chain: Combining Wearable Digital Art with Luxury Craftsmanship

At Ivy J Jewelers, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of jewelry design is the driving force behind our creations. Our NFT Chain exemplifies this commitment, merging our expertise in exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. We have meticulously designed an NFT Necklace that enables clients like Francis Ngannou to display their proudest moments in a stylish and groundbreaking fashion. Our NFT Jewelry not only serves as an eye-catching accessory, but also as the best way to display NFTs, seamlessly connecting the virtual and physical worlds.

The Chain of Champions: A Collaboration Celebrating UFC Fighters' Legacy

The UFC recently partnered with Dapper Labs to launch a new NFT collection named Strike, highlighting iconic finishes of UFC fighters throughout history. Ahead of UFC 270, Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou was spotted sporting our NFT Chain, which featured his unforgettable KO of Alistair Overeem in 2017.

As part of this collaboration, the team at Ivy J Jewelers carefully crafted a custom NFT Chain for Ngannou, capturing the essence of his accomplishments and our passion for innovation. The Chain of Champions stands as a symbol of Ngannou's unwavering determination and a testament to Ivy J Jewelers' prowess in embracing the exciting world of NFTs.


With a vision to create bespoke pieces that reflect our clients' unique passions and personalities, Ivy J Jewelers continues to explore the boundless potential of NFT Jewelry. The Chain of Champions, our custom NFT Chain for Francis Ngannou, exemplifies our commitment to innovative jewelry design and our enthusiasm for the captivating world of NFTs. Keep an eye out for more groundbreaking creations and collaborations as we continue to lead the way in designing and crafting NFT Jewelry that captures the essence of our clients' individual stories and triumphs.
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